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Bus Stop & ID, Bus Route, Business Block, Shops, Site Visit

Transit in Metro Vancouver designed unique Identification of 5-digit ID known to be 50001 - 61990 for bus stops.

Bus Route is 1- to 3-digit number from #2 - #791; School Special Route #840 - #881; Seasonal Bike Bus Route #900; R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 refer to Rapid Bus Routes; B99 refers to the Blue Line; & N2 - N35 refer to Night Bus Routes (not dealt with)

Business Block cannot be easily identified. Should be a block, huge or small, enveloped by streets with street name, and accessible by transit vehicles.

Site visits are most important to ensure no business is omitted in this Project, with few exceptions.

Update / Call Shops before Going

This Project takes 3-4 years to implement. Update of contents, in particular the hours of operation , will be a cycle in terms of years. In future it's expected that the business can load a page of up-to-date operating hours themselves.

This Project Is Absolutely Environmentally Friendly. For this Project, 3-4 reams of paper are used in 3 years. Public transport are means of transportation.